IUI Catheters

4220 – The IUI catheter is an intrauterine catheter for optimal sperm distribution. It is provided with two lateral distal ports, arrows on handle to indicate lateral ports at distal end.

It is also provided of a special positioner to prevent damage to fundus and markings on the outer cannula to facilitate embryo transfer.


4220 Memo – The IUI Memo is an intrauterine insemination catheter with MEMO function, which proactively enables the distal tip to bend according to cervical flexion. As the 4220, it is provided with two lateral distal ports for optimal sperm distribution. The marking on the outer cannula is at 6-7 cm far from the distal tip so, the best place for the positioner should be determined subtracting 0,5-1cm from the uterus depth.


4220 plus – The IUI Plus is a set for difficult cervical passage, consisting of two parts: a Loading catheter and a Mandrel designed to prevent mucus to enter the loading catheter. It is also provided with a positioner for depth adjustment and it is a combination of a soft, flexible intrauterine catheter and a solid cervix catheter. The 4220 plus is provided with markings on the outer tube for easy positioning and handle for a more secure fitting to syringes.


4225 – It is a flexible intrauterine insemination catheter with a smooth tip and one distal side hole for less traumatic inseminations. The product is provided with a special handle for more secure fitting to syringes and it is available in 3 lengths: A) Short: 7 cm (not including handle); B)  Medium: 14 cm (not including handle); C) Long: 20 cm (not including handle).



4220                    IUI c
atheters                25pcs     Link > Technical specifications

4220-MEMO         IUI memo catheters      25pcs         

4220-PLUS            IUI Plus                       25pcs           

4225                    Smooze IUI                  25pcs