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BioCare Europe expands the partnership with Leica Microsystems

DMi8, Leica

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A complete microscope for all microscopy techniques (from base microscopy to advanced imaging) and micromanipulation (ICSI, IMSI and Biopsy).

Leica DMi8 goes beyond the normal restrictions of configuration. 

  • Modular Design: add or modify components without changing microscope, from manual to fully automated systems. The different configurations allow to find the best solutions to meet every needs and budget.
  • Ready to use with all contrast techniques: bright field, dark field, modulation contrast (IMC or Hoffman), phase-contrast, differential interferential contrast (DIC) and fluorescence.
  • No need of any specific objectives: the IMC contrast is obtained through the optical path of the microscope and not through the objectives. You can switch from one contrast method to the other using the same objective and condenser set.


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